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This story you might think is odder
I dated the famed farmer's daughter
But couldn't a tractor
For I'd failed to factor
She longed for a man like her fodder.
(Gary Hallock)

The repairman worked many long days
On the bathroom scales' faulty displays.
When they stepped on the scale,
People's faces turned pale,
Comprehending the error of their weighs.
(Kirk Miller)

At the prison, the warden coerced
Many prisoners to get immersed
In doing some writing
Of poetry, citing
It's a good way for them to con-verse.
(Kirk Miller)

In the woods walked a botanist, Sue.
In the shade of a tree, something grew
Which resembled a moss
With a low luster gloss.
Didn't know what to lichen it to.
(Kirk Miller)

Got a puppy; had not been merrier
Till he shredded some clothes. It's scarier
Than I ever had thought.
I found out that I'd bought
Breed of dog that is called a tear-ier.
(Kirk Miller)

There was an old woman of Ming
Who, when somebody asked her to sing,
Replied, “Ain’t it odd?
I can never tell ‘God
Save the Weasel’ from ‘Pop Goes the King.’
(Lederer & Ertner)

A young schizophrenic name Strutter,
When told of the death of his brother,
Said: "Yes, it's too bad,
But I can't feel too sad;
After all, I still have each other.

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