America Celebrates Independence Day
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Becky Sauerbrunn feels confident for World Cup final
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We’re hoping there will be fireworks with today’s 4th of July edition of the Joke of the Day!

"Better be wise by the misfortunes of others than by your own."

~Aesop (620 BC - 560 BC)

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead has created a special council to report on the effects of marijuana on health, law enforcement costs and concerns, and other issues.   If the council recommends legalization of medical marijuana, do you think the Wyoming Legislature will follow that recommendation?

Scientists say they will be able to clone a woolly mammoth, a type of elephant that became extinct 10,000 years ago. That led to a strong debate within the scientific community over whether they should try.   Should scientists try to clone a woolly mammoth, and bring the animals back from extinction?

(WyomingNetwork does NOT represent this as a scientific poll.)
A Native American spiritual leader has asked that the name of Devil’s Tower be changed to the traditional Native American name of Bear Lodge. The name change would only apply to the rock itself and the local community, but not the name of the National Monument. The request says that the current name ties the landmark to Devil worship, and is a mistranslation of the original Native American name.   Should the name of the geographic feature Devil’s Tower be changed to Bear Lodge?

Yes, change the name to Bear Lodge

No, don’t change the name

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled for the second time in favor of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. Many Wyoming legislators have fought against instituting provisions of the Act, such as the expansion of Medicaid, in the hope that the law would be overturned by the Court or repealed by Congress.   Should the Wyoming Legislature drop its opposition to Obamacare because of the Supreme Court decision?

Yes, the fight is over

No, a new President and Congress might overturn the law


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